The Types of Sharks You Find in False Bay

Cape Town, South Africa is home to an incredible diversity of marine life as the city is situated close to the meeting points of the cold Benguela and warm Aghulus currents. Thanks to the mixing and meeting of the Atlantic and Indian oceans right on the Cape’s doorstep, False Bay, in particular, is home to approximately 27 different species of
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Six Interesting Facts About Great White Sharks in Gansbaai

Most people know very little about Great white sharks and this has resulted in them being one of the most misunderstood marine species. Even amongst the scientific community, there are waves of fascinating unanswered questions. These aquatic creatures are incredible long-distance swimmers and often travel between the shores of South Africa and Australia. Gansbaai (a small town about 170 km
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Great White Sharks Disappearing in Cape Town

The great white shark is the biggest predatory fish in the world and is commonly found alongside Southern African shores. Unfortunately, these magnificent creatures are in danger of becoming extinct and are already starting to disappear from Cape Town shores. The majority of the remaining great white’s reside 170 km from the city in Gansbaai. We believe that it’s our
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