Our staff regularly visits local schools to give an educational presentation on why we need to protect the Marine Eco System and why sharks are a prominent link to the system.  These lectures have proved to be a huge success. Our entire excursion is based on educating clients from across the globe to understand Great White Sharks in their natural environment.  We focus on the history of  these prehistoric, majestic creatures their function within the marine eco system and why we need protect them and lobby their survival as one of the a most endangered species in today’s day and age.  We focus on the anatomy of the shark, diving and swimming responsibly with sharks, and why they are targeted for the by-products on the international black market.   After your excursion and viewing the sharks with an educational talk on board our vessel, you will participate in a more in depth presentation on great white sharks and other shark species, their biology, current research being conducted and our conservation projects.


White Shark Ventures are supporters and participants in “PROJECT A.W.A.R.E”

Project AWARE is a registered nonprofit organization working with volunteer scuba divers. Its currently stated focus is on two issues: “sharks in peril” and marine debris, and it is active in 180 countries.  Throughout the year we participate in scuba dive voluntarily to clean the ocean floor from unwanted debris, and we give valuable feedback on shark sightings.


Protecting our ocean, one dive at a time!